About Chubbs

About James “Chubbs” McKittrick


Picture of Chubbs with Fat Jap and ShannonJames “Chubbs” McKittrick was an active and die-hard member of Freaks of Nature. He was also a true friend and brother to many people throughout the minitruck community. Chubbs often reminded us of what it means to be part of the automotive community just by being himself. At the drop of a hat he would rush to help anyone in need. To him it didn’t matter what club a person was in, it only mattered that they were his friend or someone who needed help.

Picture of Chubbs with 2 of his duaghtersChubbs passed unexpectedly in 2010 at the young age of 32, leaving behind his mother and sisters and also his three daughters. Bethany (his oldest daughter) is now 16 years old and got her first job this year. Jamie (his second daughter) is now 6 year old and starts 1st grade this year. Kayla (his youngest) is now 4 years old and starts Kindergarten next year. He loved and adored his girls and they loved and adored him. I am sure he looks over his daughters every day, as any father would, brimming with pride!

63960_1488244291162_1707585_nChubbs was born in Davenport, Iowa and moved to Las Vegas around the age of 10. Once he was old enough to drive, he found his way into the “car scene.” The first vehicle he had was a 1971 Datsun 521 that he got a few years later. It sat in storage until he finally was able to start building. For a while he hung around Underground and eventually he found his home in Freaks of Nature. Chubbs could be found at almost every show, run, or party. He loved to support the scene and 63008_151165704922607_605947_neverything it stands for, as well as the people involved. Most of his friends in the scene he called family. Some family he had known for years and some he had only met recently, whether in person, on Street Source, or on Facebook. No matter the length of time we knew him he made an impact on us all with his good nature, warm smile, and kind heart.

We miss you brother!